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100%  Self Service

That's right, we'll leave the washing to you!

We provide modern washing technology with simple operation. The energy-saving washing machines with automatic detergent addition and dryers of the latest generation.

Meanwhile, you can make yourself comfortable in our lounge or take a shopping tour in the heart of Lucerne. In the laundry itself, there are vending machines and free internet. Our cameras will take care of your laundry.

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#1 Laundry in town

Wash your textiles in the first self serviced laundry salon in town.

Fast, gentle and centrally located at Hirschengraben 31 in Lucerne.


Ich bin ein Textabschnitt. Klicke hier, um deinen eigenen Text hinzuzufügen und mich zu bearbeiten.



The salon has 10 washing machines with max. 8 kg filling weight each. These are designed for everyday wear such as clothes, underwear and similar textiles.

Pay and select your machine at the terminal. We accept cash and credit card. A wash lasts 20 minutes up to 1:40 hour.

You can leave your washing detergent at home, because our machines dose it directly - gently, cleanly and ecofriendly.

And of course - included in the price.



The laundromat is also equipped with modern dryers to treat your laundry as gently as possible. 
You don't need to check manually whether your laundry is dry already. The dryers work with moisture-sensors and calculate ongoing the time left for achieving the selected drying level. The machines keep running until that level is achieved, independent how long it takes. 


The work area also has a laundry table to put the laundry on the spot.



While you're waiting for your laundry, our lounge offers various seating options, charging stations, free internet and a snack/beverage vending machine.


The shop is 24h video-monitored.



The laundry is located at Hirschengraben 31 in Lucerne.

Get there with a 10-minute walk from the lucerne train station. The bus stop Hirzenhof is just in front of the entrance. And the parking Kesselturm is just opposite.

Direct to Google Maps >

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Wash CHF 9.-
One machine with a load of max. 8Kg costs 9.- swiss francs. Including liquid detergent and independent which washing program you select.  

Dry CHF 7.-
Pay once to start, the machine will dry automaticly to end, independently how long it takes. Do not check manually whether your laundry is dry. The dryers work with moisture sensors, is calculating ongoing the time left and stops automaticly by achieving the selected drying level. 

Additional Informations:

We provide 10 Washers with max. 8Kg filling weight and 10 Dryers with max. 7Kg filling weight. Each Program has to be selected and payed at the central panel first. We accept cash and credit card.
We provide an automated highquality fluid-detergent. What comes direct to the machine with every program. Its included in the price. Its not possible to use your own detergent.
The detergent we have in us is 'Ariel Professional S1'

Keep it clean
Please keep the laundry clean for next guests. There are also bins for your garbage during your washing.

If you need any information, please contact us at or +41 41 970 22 22.

Thank you!
Your Laundry-Team

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